Our mission is to educate with unbiased facts and information.  Every dog deserves a chance to exist and to punish specific breeds due to many years of inaccurate information and irresponsible ownership doesn’t make sense. This is why the breed needs a voice and for people to keep an open mind when being educated. Most people who have issues with Pit Bulls have never had a personal experience with one.  Our main focus is to enlighten people to the nurturing, gentle nature of this breed.  We will never tell you that you MUST like them we just ask for everyone to give them a chance.  You may be surprised if you do.  You will find plenty of factual information on this site, however most of our education is done with direct exposure to the dogs.  This is done by the means of several programs we offer.  Questions are always welcome and if you would like to take part with our group or utilize one of the programs feel free to contact us.

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